The Story of The Red Yarn

This is how it all started last May 8th

After 6 years of visiting many large organisations to request (beg for) funding without success, last Tuesday I broke off 1 metre of red cotton thread from the spindle and offered the RED YARN to Raheel Saify for € 1,- and promised that from that day on I would offer everyone I met 1 metre of thread for €1,-.


To together, with the RED YARN as the link, solve the problem of illiteracy worldwide. To start in Pakistan, with a population of about 210 million, where the percentage of illiteracy exceeds 60%, mainly among women and children.

Why start in Pakistan?

This is the country where I landed in 1983 and went to work for the – at that time - almost non-existent textile industry. Over the last 35 years we have created history with and for the cotton/textile industry. Pakistan now has the third largest cotton industry in the world. 50% of the BVP is dependent on this industry which does not receive government subsidy.

What should not be more nice to write history for the second time with TCF, for all those children, women and men in Pakistan who are illiterate.


Linked by the Red Yarn, to reduce the percentage of illeteracy from 60% to 10%, or even solve the problem altogether by 2051, the centenary of my birth.

Henriëtte Scheffer
Jet Campus Mardan Pakistan
Secundary School for Girls